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Which international league produces the best NBA talent?

Using career totals from the 34 active former international players from the LNB, ABA, Liga ACB, and Turkish Super League, this data analysis used weighted averages to produce the average NBA statline for players from these respective leagues.

Players who had not played 100 games in the NBA, or were not on opening night rosters for the 2019-2020 NBA season were not included in the analysis. Some players, such as Goran Dragic, were not accounted for because their time playing in one of these four major leagues began after they played in, or were drafted into, the NBA. As well, an exception was made in the case of Thabo Sefolosha, who was drafted out of the Italian league after playing a lone season in Italy after three seasons in the French LNB due to a contract dispute.

Acknowledged limitations of this analysis include varying sample sizes for each league, the diversity of positional skillset skewing statlines, and the failure to account for defensive performance aside from win shares.

All Data as of June 2020

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